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If purchasing from an off-site location, send payment through venmo. Prices do not include shipping or tax
Blue Pleiades

The Pleiades are a young, open star cluster in the constellation Taurus the Bull, also known as "Seven Sisters" or M45.

20231028_161956 (1)

Eternal Forest 8 x10, oil on masionite board $150.00

20220917_143940 (1)_edited

The Arrival Oil on Canvas 16 x 24 $375.00, does not include shippin


Ascension Acrylic on Canvas dyptic $325.00

Harmonic Convergence Series

$275.00 -Oil on Canvas 16x20

The Arrival - Oil on canvas

$145.Price does not include shipping

Passage Way

$2250.00 - Price does not include shipping. 24"x 48" Resin, Acrylic, Ink and Powdered Pigment

Super Copper River_Resin

Super Copper River $195.00 -12x16

20231101_114304 (1)

Deep Breath 8 x 10 oil on wood panel. $175.00


$325.00 Trade Waters Acrylic, ink and pigment on canvas. 24" x 18 "


Gold River Acrylic & Powdered metal on Canvas

California Skies

48" x 24" 9.12.20 Fire

Tidal Surge

Tidal Surge 12 x 12

Atmosphere series

Atmosphere Acrylic and Airbrush on canvas

Moon over Maxwell

Acrylic on Canvas Humidity

Mystic Forest Print

8 x10 print of an oil painting

Tidal wave

White and blue acrylic paint and russet pigment framed.


5 ' x 4' Extreme-ON SALE $300. Acrylic on canvas

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