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Creating art is a calling and passion. In the early 90s, while attending a Texas State University’s art program, I had a dream about my art being under a transparent surface. I set out to discover how to make this a reality using woodworking materials. I poured epoxy on top of my drawings and then added paint, glass, and other objects. I have continued working this way using resin, pigments, acrylic paint, ink, canvas, and organic objects such as quartz crystals, copper, shells, and glass. Additionally, I started molding the resin into pyramids making them orgone, which is a way of adding materials that conduct energy, and jewelry that contain organic materials I collected during my travels and which all have significate meaning.

The finished paintings have 3-dimensional qualities; the sculptural and jewelry pieces are transparent. People will find they can gaze at these pieces for hours seeing something unique every time.


      I have been working in fine art and graphic design since I was a child. My grandfather worked in the newspaper business and showed me everything he knew about typesetting and print production. My mother was both a graphic designer and a fine artist. Creating designs for publications is like breathing to me. I learned techniques and tools at an early age, and these gifts have stayed with me all my life.


Texas State University, 2001
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